What services do you provide?

Any type of junk removal except hazardous waste. (i.e. furniture, home decor and essentials, electronics, construction debris etc.)
Monmouth County
Middlesex County
Ocean County

What's the best way to reach you?

Call 732-859-3460 or fill out the Contact Us form found here

Do you provide free estimates?


What items do you remove?

Couches, sectionals, love seats, arm chairs, ottomans, dining rooms tables, buffets, patio furniture, office furniture, appliances, kitchen essentials, dining ware, entire sheds, decks, old smelly rugs, any construction debris. We remove everything except hazardous waste.

How experienced is your team?

Each of our teams is composed of three individuals. Our team leaders oversee and manage each job to ensure that you receive the reliable quality and efficiency we pride ourselves on. Our other team members will shock you with their polite banter as they lift and remove heavy items with ease.

How do you determine what to trash and what to recycle?

As a family owned and operated business we care about the future of our planet and for that reason we always make an effort to donate clothing and kitchenware. In addition we always dump at facilities that sort the truck load, separating all trash into the most eco friendly disposal system.

Are you licensed and or insured?

The Shore Thing Cleanout Crew is A-901 Licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey. Meaning, we can legally remove and dispose of your junk - so you can feel safe seeing our DEP numbers and decals displayed on the sides of our trucks.

How long will the clean out take?

The Shore Thing does everything from a single couch pick up to an entire estate clean out. If you're looking to remove a piece of furniture before a new purchase arrives we can gladly have it off of your hands in 20 minutes or less. If you have just inherited an entire estate and need the contents emptied, we've removed as many as 150 cubic yards of junk in one business day.

Do I have to be present during the clean out?

No, as long as we know what needs to be removed.

What is your billing structure?

Billing is completed through invoices and can be paid on site, over the phone or via mail