Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal Services Are Now Affordable

Commercial Junk Removal Services Are Now Affordable

We provide free estimates to small business owners in the Wall Township, NJ area

If you need to dispose of non-hazardous items, The Shore Thing Cleanout Crew LLC should be your first choice for commercial junk removal services. We can declutter any space in your building, as well as remove yard waste from the premises.

Need to remove unwanted tools, equipment and other items from a commercial garage? Our cleanout services will come in handy. Reach out now to arrange for commercial garage cleanout services in the Wall Township, NJ area.

No-nonsense, no-obligation quotes

Our rates are prorated based on the amount of junk we remove. You can expect to pay just...

  • $150 for the smallest load
  • $250 for half a truckload
  • $375 for ¾ of a truckload
  • $550 for a full truckload

We can give you an accurate estimate on commercial junk removal services once we see what kind of items you need to get rid of. Call 732-859-3460 now to schedule a site visit in Wall Township, NJ or a surrounding area.